Personnel. Зарплата и кадры

    Registration of labor relations with employees is the first step in the complex process of managing the company’s human resources. Not only the employee’s pension, but also the absence of financial sanctions from the regulatory authorities depends on the correct registration of labor relations, the calculation and payment of wages and other compensation payments.

    The package will be relevant for companies that:

    • Conduct business activities, but do not have a HR department (Human resources department) at the enterprise;
    • Have a large staff;
    • Strive to avoid penalties as a result of inspections by regulatory authorities.

    • Representative offices of foreign companies and individuals;
    • Small and medium-sized companies operating on the territory of Ukraine, as well as abroad;
    • Entrepreneurs on a common or simplified taxation system.
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC), other business entities, including a private enterprise (PE);
    • Representation of a non-resident company with or without the right to conduct business;
    • Individual entrepreneurs.

    Profit taxation

    • General taxation system. Payer of income tax on a general basis at the rate of 18%;
    • Simplified taxation system. Payer of single tax according to the selected group.


    • VAT payer applying the general rate of 20%;
    • VAT payer applying special taxation regimes, as well as carrying out transactions that are not taxed at the rate of 0%;
    • Not a VAT payer.


    No restrictions


    HR services:

    • Registration of labor relations with employees according to Labor Code of Ukraine, internal rules and regulations;
    • Registration of termination of labor relations according to Labor Code of Ukraine, internal rules and regulations;
    • Maintenance of personal files of employees;
    • Registration of labor books, keeping a journal of their movement;
    • Registration of orders for personnel (vacations, transfers, etc.);
    • Registration of documents for salary projects;
    • Registration of certificates from the job for submission at the place of demand;
    • Maintenance of journals for personnel documentation.

    Additional services:

    • Compilation of regulatory documents: staffing, vacation schedules, regulations on wages, bonuses;
    • Formation of a timesheet.

    Calculation of employee benefits:

    • Monitoring compliance with legislation in the implementation of business transactions concerning the hiring and dismissal of employees, the provision of compensation payments, deductions from employees’ wages;
    • Calculation of wages, calculation of compensation payments and payments made according to the average wage (sick leave, vacation, business trips);
    • Monitoring compliance with the standard of employment of people with disabilities, as well as persons with social guarantees in employment;
    • Accounting for settlements with employees who are called up for military service;
    • Calculation of employees’ unspent leave, accrual of vacation reserves;
    • Accounting for settlements on loans granted to employees;
    • Compilation of payment orders for the payment of wages and related taxes, as well as submitting them to the bank;
    • Compilation and submission of reports on accrued and paid amounts of employee income;
    • Preparation of corporate (management) reporting;
    • Consulting the client’s employees on the correct preparation of primary documents (statements, letters of request, other personnel documents);
    • Representation of interests in the tax service;
    • Informing management about changes in tax legislation.


    • Complete and correct payroll and employee compensation;
    • Confidentiality;
    • Lack of penalties during inspections;
    • Consulting on taxation of wages and other payments.


    • Project manager: identifying the client’s needs, setting tasks for the project team, communicating with the client;
    • Specialist: involved in the main processes of providing services within the project. Performing complex functions;
    • Junior specialist (assistant specialist): primary data processing, preparation of summary data for analysis;
    • External auditor: monitoring the project for compliance with the client’s policies and requirements.

    Timing and periodicity

    The service is provided on an ongoing basis in the form of a subscription service.

    The reporting period is a month.


    Our company’s specialists provide monthly:

    • Invoice for services rendered;
    • Certificate of completion;
    • Specification of services rendered.

    Specification of monthly report:

    • Standard – decryption of information on the services provided in the context of the types of services and their cost;
    • Extended – detailed information on the services provided in the context of the types of services, their cost and the volume of operations performed.


    The cost of services is a subject of negotiations and depends on the volume of services provided within the package offer, as well as on the special conditions of cooperation. The calculation of the cost is carried out for each client individually.



    By payment order to the company’s bank account according to the agreement and / or invoice. This payment method will be convenient for companies and entrepreneurs who have bank accounts.

    It is possible to pay for the services with a bank card on the website and in the office of the company. This payment method will be convenient when individuals pay for one-time services.
    The possibility of paying for services in cash is available at the company’s office.

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