Составление отчетности

    Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who conduct economic activities, or do not conduct activities, are at the stage of termination (liquidation) of activities are required to submit reports to the controlling authorities.

    The list of reports that must be prepared and sent to the regulatory authorities is sometimes so large that the preparation and submission of reports takes most of the accountant’s time and requires a lot of effort and time of the entrepreneur.

    The service will be relevant for companies and entrepreneurs that:

    • Temporarily do not have a chief accountant or other person responsible for the preparation of reports and accounting in general, however, they are obliged to prepare and submit reports to the regulatory authorities in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;
    • Registered in accordance with the established procedure, but do not carry out systematic activities, or have a seasonal nature of activities, carry out one-time transactions and do not have an accountant on the staff of the company;
    • Are either at the stage of organizing a business, or at the stage of liquidation and do not have the opportunity to prepare tax, statistical, stock reporting by themselves.

    We prepare and submit reports for entrepreneurs, who:

    • Are obliged to submit annual reports in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;
    • Intend to issue a credit, overdraft, other loans from Ukrainian banks or have current loans and are required to confirm their financial condition by submitting tax reports to the bank;
    • Intend to apply for a visa or other permission to travel or work abroad, which requires confirmation of the income received;
    • Apply for a refund of the paid personal income tax (PIT) from the budget.

    • Representative offices of foreign companies and individuals;
    • Companies established by non-residents of Ukraine, operating on the territory of Ukraine, as well as abroad.
    • Ukrainian companies and entrepreneurs registered under the laws of Ukraine, such as: LLC, private entrepreneurs and others.
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC), other business entities, including a private enterprise (PE);
    • Private entrepreneurs;
    • Self-employed persons (persons providing themselves with work on their own), as well as persons providing professional services;
    • Individuals.

    Any tax system


    No restrictions on the type of activity.

    No restrictions on the scope of activities.


    • Consulting on the preparation of tax, statistical, stock and other reports provided by the legislation of Ukraine in accordance with the approved reporting forms, determining the tax liability;
    • Compilation of mandatory external reporting;
    • Preparation of internal (management) reporting in accordance with the internal rules and regulations of the company;
    • Defending the reporting indicators (justification of indicators) before the management, financial controllers of the company;
    • Submission of all forms of reporting to regulatory authorities;
    • Accompanying the acceptance of reporting by regulatory authorities;
    • Consulting on the timing of payment of the tax liability according to the submitted declarations and calculations.


    • Preparing and filing reports in accordance with all business operations of the enterprise (entrepreneur) for the reporting period;
    • Absence of penalties for non-submission, submission with violation of the deadlines, submission of an incomplete set of reports;
    • Obtaining complete information about the indicators included in the reporting (decoding of the reporting);
    • Consulting on preparation and submission of reports, complete and correct tax calculation;
    • Personal responsibility.


    • Project manager: identifying the client’s needs, setting tasks for the project team, communicating with the client;
    • Specialist: involved in the main processes of providing services within the project. Performing complex functions;
    • Junior specialist (assistant specialist): primary data processing, preparation of summary data for analysis;


    Based on the results of the work performed, the specialists of our company provide:

    • Invoice for services rendered;
    • Certificate of completion;
    • Specification of services rendered.

    Specification of report:

    • Standard – decryption of information on the services provided in the context of the types of services and their cost;
    • Extended – detailed information on the services provided in the context of the types of services, their cost and the volume of operations performed.

    Timing and periodicity

    The service is provided on a one-time or permanent basis (on agreement). It can be provided on an ongoing basis as part of a tariff plan or an individual offer.

    The terms for the provision of the service are negotiated individually in each individual case and depends on the volume and nature of the services provided. The reporting period is also the result of negotiations and is set on a case-by-case basis.


    The cost of the service is determined by the scope of work and the client’s requirements. The cost is a subject of negotiations, negotiated with each client individually.


    By payment order to the company’s bank account according to the agreement and / or invoice. This payment method will be convenient for companies and entrepreneurs who have bank accounts.
    It is possible to pay for the services with a bank card on the website and in the office of the company. This payment method will be convenient when individuals pay for one-time services.
    The possibility of paying for services in cash is available at the company’s office.

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