Small B. Бухгалтерский учет для малых предприятий

    We have developed a special package for entrepreneurs and small companies that usually use a simplified taxation system (single tax). Most popular choice for companies that have small number of transactions, several employees or no hired labour. The Small business package contains the optimal volume of services and allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining accounting and reporting.

    The offer includes a list of accounting services which will be sufficient for conducting activities with low turnovers, from drafting primary documents to submitting reports to regulatory authorities.

    The package will be relevant for:

    • Entrepreneurs and small companies providing professional services in the field of photography and design, consulting services, IT services;
    • Online shops with a small range of products;
    • Companies providing consumer services to the public;
    • Users of the simplified taxation system.

    • Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, payers of a single tax or income tax with a small volume of transactions, carrying out activities on the territory of Ukraine. Not VAT payers;
    • Individuals carrying out transactions of purchase – sale of assets (real estate), other transactions aimed at making a profit.
    Annual income up to 1 million UAH
    Number of transactions per month up to 20 operations
    Number of employees up to 3 employees

    The following list of services is not provided under the terms of this offer:

    • Accounting for VAT transactions, registration of tax invoices in the Unified register of tax invoices, VAT refund services;
    • Preparation of consolidated statements of income tax and VAT;
    • Compilation of management reporting.

    The terms of the plan do not apply to:

    • Non-resident representative offices;
    • Joint Stock Companies;
    • Organizational forms providing for civil associations or associations of legal entities (for example, but not exclusively: civil organizations, trusts, concerns, companies conducting joint activities without establishing a legal entity).


    Basic services:

    • Establishing the optimal taxation system, types of activities and taxation of individual transactions;
    • Registration and accounting of primary documents;
    • Registration of banking operations, making payments to the bank. Transfering taxes and obligatory payments to the budget (on agreement); accounting of banking operations in the accounting system;
    • Registration of the income accounting book (in the case of using the simplified taxation system);
    • Informing about the amount of taxes and mandatory payments to be paid, as well as the timing of their payment;
    • Compilation of reports and submission to regulatory authorities;
    • Interaction with regulatory authorities. Legal support in tax audits, preparation of responses to inquiries from tax authorities. Compilation and submission of letters and explanations regarding business activities.

    Additional services:

    Subject to the conclusion of the agreement for a period of at least 12 months, additional services can be provided

    • Registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur;
    • Opening a bank account;
    • Registration of a company or entrepreneur as a single tax payer;
    • Registration of the termination of entrepreneurial activity (if necessary) – by agreement.

    Subject to the conclusion of an additional agreement

    • Accounting for transactions under foreign economic contracts (negotiating contracts with the bank, submitting supporting primary documents for currency control), accounting for currency transactions;
    • Accounting for activities requiring a license and trade patents (alcohol, tobacco, fuel, honey. drugs, etc.);
    • Accounting for business transactions using a cash register.


    • Lower prices for accounting services;
    • Protection against tax authorities;
    • Consulting on taxation and management accounting;
    • Reduced cost for our additional services.


    • Specialist: involved in the main processes of providing services within the project. Performing complex functions;
    • Junior specialist (assistant specialist): primary data processing, preparation of summary data for analysis;


    Our company’s specialists provide monthly:

    • Invoice for services rendered;
    • Certificate of completion;
    • Specification of services rendered.

    Specification of monthly report:

    • Standard – decryption of information on the services provided in the context of the types of services and their cost;
    • Extended – detailed information on the services provided in the context of the types of services, their cost and the volume of operations performed.

    Timing and periodicity

    The service is provided on an ongoing basis in the form of a subscription service.

    The reporting period is a month.


    The cost of services is a subject of negotiations and depends on the volume of services provided within the package offer, as well as on the special conditions of cooperation. The calculation of the cost is carried out for each client individually.



    By payment order to the company’s bank account according to the agreement and / or invoice. This payment method will be convenient for companies and entrepreneurs who have bank accounts.
    It is possible to pay for the services with a bank card on the website and in the office of the company. This payment method will be convenient when individuals pay for one-time services.
    The possibility of paying for services in cash is available at the company’s office.

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