Premium. Бухгалтерский учет без ограничений

    The Premium package from Unifinance is suitable for dynamic companies and leaders in their industry.

    Under the terms of the offer, a comprehensive accounting of the company’s financial and economic activities is provided, from the preparation of primary documentation to the preparation and approval of management reporting.

    This package has no restrictions on the type and scope of activities.  The maximum amount of accounting services provided, as well as additional services on a personalized basis.

    The package will be relevant for companies that:

    • Work in the premium segment, have a large amount of income, high cost of goods and services;
    • Carry out rhythmic activities accompanied by a large number of business transactions and document flow;
    • Have complex technological processes (for example: product manufacturing, construction, installation services);
    • Conduct foreign economic activities (import, export of goods and services), carry out operations with excisable goods;
    • Excel in their industry.

    • Representative offices of foreign companies and individuals;
    • Medium and small business companies of any form of ownership, operating both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.
    • Business companies of all forms. The most common of them are: limited liability companies (LLC), private enterprise (PE);
    • Public or private joint stock companies;
    • Associations of enterprises and citizens.

    Profit taxation

    • General taxation system. Payer of income tax on a general basis at a rate of 18%;
    • Simplified taxation system. Payer of single tax according to the selected group.

    VAT and Excise

    • VAT payers applying the general rate of 20%;
    • VAT payers applying special taxation regimes, as well as carrying out transactions subject to VAT at a rate of 0%;
    • Payers of excise duty;
    • Not payers of VAT, excise duty.

    Other taxes

    Payers of other taxes and fees established by the legislation of Ukraine (environmental tax, real estate tax, others)


    No restrictions.


    The list of features of the premium package is not limited, it is a set of services determined by the of the client’s needs. It can be represented by the following set of accounting services:

    Comprehensive accounting without restrictions;

    Control of compliance with legislation in the implementation of business operations;

    Accounting for primary documents

    • Preparation of primary documents, stocktaking of primary documents. Consulting the client’s employees on the correct preparation of primary documents;
    • Registration in the accounting program of transactions of purchase, sale of goods, services;
    • Consulting the client’s employees on the correct preparation of primary documents;
    • Compilation of summary information on the movement of goods;
    • Accounting for settlements with accountable person.

    Payroll preparation

    • Сalculation of wages based on the established salaries, as well as administrative documents;
    • Calculation of vacation pay, sick leave, other charges for company employees;
    • Transfer of accrued amounts to the card accounts of employees;
    • Compilation of summary information on accrued wages and other compensation charges.

    Accounting for transactions in the electronic administration system VAT

    • Formation and registration of VAT tax invoices in electronic administration system;
    • Informing about cash balances on electronic administration system accounts;
    • Control of transactions and payments in electronic administration system VAT.

    Accounting for banking transactions

    • Compilation of payment orders and submitting them to the bank;
    • Registration of cash flows in the accounting program;
    • Accrual of interest on loans and borrowings.

    Accounting for foreign economic activity

    • Registration of operations of foreign economic activity;
    • Interaction with banks on the issues of crediting foreign currency funds to the company’s accounts (approval of documents);
    • Registration of operations under agency agreements, commission agreements in the field of foreign economic activity.

    Vehicle accounting

    • Accounting for the movement of fuels and lubricants, car spare parts;
    • Accounting for the use of transport according to the manifest.

    Accounting for cash transactions

    • Maintaining company’s cash book.
    • Control of a cash discipline and limit of a cash register;
    • Accounting for transactions using cash registers and bank cards;
    • Informing employees about the amount and timing of cash collection to the bank branch.


    • Formation and submission to the regulatory authorities of all forms of tax, stock, statistical reporting;
    • Preparation of consolidated tax statements;
    • Preparation of corporate financial statements for company owners;
    • Accounting for transactions requiring VAT distribution.

    Interaction with regulatory authorities

    • Representation of interests in the tax service, protection of interests during tax audits;
    • Informing management about changes in tax legislation.

    Optimization of tax payments

    • Development of an improved tax policy for the company based on the company’s risks in conducting business activities and paying taxes;
    • Development of a model for accounting payments in electronic administration system VAT.


    • Premium package provides an individually selected set of services;
    • Reduced time for resolving operational issues;
    • Availability of operational information about the financial condition of the company;
    • Support of transactions and operations with assets and liabilities of the company;
    • Awareness of important changes in legislation related to the company’s activities;
    • Personal responsibility.


    • Project manager: identifying the client’s needs, setting tasks for the project team, communicating with the client;
    • Specialist: involved in the main processes of providing services within the project. Performing complex functions;
    • Junior specialist (assistant specialist): primary data processing, preparation of summary data for analysis;
    • External auditor: monitoring the project for compliance with the client’s policies and requirements.

    Timing and periodicity

    The premium service is provided according to the concluded agreement on an ongoing basis in the form of a subscription service.

    The reporting period is a month.


    Our company’s specialists provide monthly:

    • Invoice for services rendered;
    • Certificate of completion;
    • Specification of services rendered.

    Specification of monthly report:

    • Standard – decryption of information on the services provided in the context of the types of services and their cost;
    • Extended – detailed information on the services provided in the context of the types of services, their cost and the volume of operations performed.

    Additional information about the services provided (if necessary, by agreement)


    The cost of services is a subject of negotiations and depends on the volume of services provided within the package offer, as well as on the special conditions of cooperation. The calculation of the cost is carried out for each client individually.



    By payment order to the company’s bank account according to the agreement and / or invoice. This payment method will be convenient for companies and entrepreneurs who have bank accounts.
    It is possible to pay for the services with a bank card on the website and in the office of the company. This payment method will be convenient when individuals pay for one-time services.
    The possibility of paying for services in cash is available at the company’s office.

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