Inactivity. Новым компаниям

    The Inactivity package is designed for companies that are temporarily out of business and do not need a large volume of accounting services.

    The package will be relevant for companies that:

    • Register a new company or entrepreneur to carry out activities in the near future;
    • Take measures to terminate the activities of an enterprise or entrepreneur;
    • Temporarily do not operate, but plan to resume it in the future;
    • Do not have labor relations with individuals.

    • Ukrainian companies of any form of ownership (LLC, PE, other business entities);
    • Representative offices of non-resident companies;
    • Individuals – entrepreneurs on a single tax or a common taxation system;
    • Companies and entrepreneurs. VAT payers and non-VAT payers.
    • Lack of activity;
    • Lack of employees;
    • No credit obligations.

    The terms of the plan do not apply to:

    • VAT refund;
    • Preparation of consolidated statements of income tax and VAT;

    Restrictions can be negotiated and changed depending on the individual needs of the client. Extra services can be provided under an additional agreement of the parties.


    • Preparation and submission of reports to the regulatory authorities according to the legislation of Ukraine;
    • Preparation and submission of clarifications to requests from regulatory authorities;
    • Consulting on tax and accounting issues;
    • Recommendations for the restoration of activity or its termination.


    • Business security during financial instability;
    • Business security during the absence of activity;
    • Personal responsibility;
    • Lower prices for accounting services.



    • Specialist: involved in the main processes of providing services within the project. Performing complex functions;
    • Junior specialist (assistant specialist): primary data processing, preparation of summary data for analysis.


    Our company’s specialists provide monthly:

    • Invoice for services rendered;
    • Certificate of completion;
    • Specification of services rendered.

    Specification of monthly report:

    • Standard – decryption of information on the services provided in the context of the types of services and their cost;
    • Extended – detailed information on the services provided in the context of the types of services, their cost and the volume of operations performed.

    Timing and periodicity

    The service is provided on an ongoing basis in the form of a subscription service.

    The reporting period is a month.


    By payment order to the company’s bank account according to the agreement and / or invoice. This payment method will be convenient for companies and entrepreneurs who have bank accounts.

    It is possible to pay for the services with a bank card on the website and in the office of the company. This payment method will be convenient when individuals pay for one-time services.
    The possibility of paying for services in cash is available at the company’s office.

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