Consulting on taxation issues is an individual solution that gives an understanding of the risks and available ways to implement the tasks and options for the development of events. Service provided by professional consultants in the field of tax law and jurisprudence, aimed at timely information support for company management and entrepreneurs.

    The main areas of services provided are tax law, accounting, personnel records, management accounting and reporting.

    Consultations can be provided in the form of verbal or written explanations and are provided as part of a subscription service or one-time, on an individual request.

    Services provided as a subscription are of a priority nature, can be provided on the basis of individual agreements.

    This package offer will be relevant for companies and entrepreneurs that conduct continuous business activities and have several areas of activity.

    With a one-time consultation, the number of hours spent by a specialist is paid when providing consultation. You can regulate the volume of needed services yourself.

    Usually companies with a small turnover and a small volume of transactions in need for tax advice choose one-time offer.

    The service is useful for business owners and company management:

    • Who plan to open a company or do business in Ukraine;
    • Who plan to develop activities in the new market, including outside Ukraine;
    • Whose accountant has no experience in a new direction of business and there is a need to check the state of accounting;
    • Who own a company but do not have effective reporting to manage the company;
    • In need of clarification of tax legislation and law;
    • Who want to have a reliable tax advisor.

    Most often, consulting services are useful for:

    • Small and medium-sized companies that operate in Ukraine and abroad;
    • Representative offices of foreign companies and individuals;
    • Public organizations and associations;
    • Individual entrepreneurs;
    • Private persons.


    A typical list of issues on which consultations can be provided personally or in writing:

    • Accounting and taxation of purchase transactions, sale of various kinds of goods, works and services;
    • Calculations of employees’ salaries, taxation and correct execution of operations for the issuance and return of accountable amounts, loans and borrowings;
    • Taxation of transactions of purchase and sale of assets;
    • Settlements between individuals;
    • Choosing the optimal taxation system;
    • Accounting and documentary confirmation of statutory fund formation, as well as the exit, sale of a part, exchange, and other relationships between the founders. Taxation of dividend payment operations;
    • Registration and taxation of loans and financial assistance, operations with securities;
    • Taxation of transactions of a special nature;
    • Formation and submission of reports;
    • Development of a planning process in the company;
    • Budgeting, cash flow analysis.

    Consulting, usually provided in writing:

    • Written explanation of the norms of the tax legislation of Ukraine on the basis of regulatory documents and judicial practice;
    • Confirmation of the legality of business transactions reflection in financial accounting, the legality of attributing operating costs to tax expenses for the company’s management, foreign controllers of the company, the parent company, the management of the company;
    • Assessment of tax risks and consequences of the operations performed, ways to minimize risks.


    • Attracting the experience of professional consultants to solve complex problems in controversial situations;
    • Making management decisions based on complete and reliable information about tax risks and the consequences of such decisions;
    • Avoiding fines and losses as a result of making the right decisions;
    • Effective company management.

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